Saturday, 24 January 2015

What's in my name?

I love my name. Its Sheela. Yes that's my full name. Just Sheela. Without surname, initials, middle name, last name. Even before I was born, my sister knew that she would have a little sister and had already named me. Though she was just 3 and a half, I believe the story because that's what my mom also says.

I remember in Class 3 when my teacher was giving away some certificates, she asked me "Sheela what?". I said "Its just Sheela. I dont have initials". She was devastated and pitied me so much that she gave me her initials and wrote Sheela.S. She was proud as she gave me something that my parents couldn't give which I really dint need.

So what's with the name? Even Facebook dint allow me to join with my name. I had to fake my father's name as my second name and that indeed is believed to be my name by 700+ facebook friends which encompasses people I know and people I remotely know.

Now I have a surname. Yes I adopted my husbands surname. THE END.

Yours truly,
Sheela Hegde

Thursday, 13 November 2014

From Drafts

Hell lot of posts sitting in my drafts. Wonder how I missed posting it.
This was a dedication from a friend just a week before my wedding.
I just had to share this!! For the records...

Monday, 24 June 2013

'Thank You' Card making competition

We had 'Appreciation Week' in our office last week. There were several competitions. One that caught my eye was ofcourse card making. I forced a friend of mine, Ankita, to take part along with me and Voila!! we won :D

The theme was ofcourse 'Thank you'. I chose my favourite combination of Purple and Pink. Used purple as base. Used 2 frames of light pink and purple. My mom newly got some stamps from US which I had never used and got a chance here. I have done 'Thank you' stamps on light pink sheet. The rest of the decoration is with bow and flowers.

This is the most admired part. I searched for an idea to do something in 3D inside as it would be different. With a bunch of 7 florets I could make something like below which opens up beautifully to form a bouquet of flowers. Turst me, its a simple craft to do. Learn how to make it here. Hope you enjoy making the card as I did.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Poetry for a cause

I wrote this poem as part of a task given to me by my Santa in office while playing Secret Santa. My task was a write a poem for my husband describing him. This is my first attempt at poetry. I hope you like it.

As happy as me, there were few
Until God sent you!

Mr Dirty looked so hot
Or so I thought

And so I was receptive
Little did I know looks are deceptive

Though he was Mr Dirty
He was sweet and naughty
Caring, sharing and Daring

Like a dutiful wife,
I will be all my life
With a little pecking here and there
For I know your care

Mrs Clean, nagging had been
Until Mr Dirty turned Mr Clean

 In return, I made a card to my Santa. Ofcourse my USP handmade card. Its hard not to notice that the snowman is a rip off from my previous post ;)


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012!! Bye bye 2011!!

2011 is gone and in 2012 I am performing one of the biggest life defying stunts..And no, its not sky diving or bunjee jumping..Its getting hitched!! Which means another person who has to tolerate me and that too all his life..Wish me luck everyone..

I made this card last year for a competition in my office..I however couldnt submit somehow..The theme was Season's Greeting and hence I made a snow many above and spray paint below..Mixed them both with a red ribbon and a golden bow..

Wishing all my reader (if any :( ) a very happy new years..May god shower you with everything you deserve...

PS: I resolve to write more worthless posts this year, laze around more this year, eat healthy and lose weight and live happily :)

Sunday, 4 September 2011


With a caution the mindless entertainer it can be, we still chose Bodyguard. That was the biggest mistake and I demand Siddique my 200Rs back..

Few minutes into the movie, you know it is a straight rip off from a Telgu movie..Few traits to identify like gravity defying stunts, huge haveli, rich father protecting his pricess daughter, unreasonable enemies from generations ever ready to tussle..

Then there are the usual Salman movie starrer scenes like water pipe gushing over his body to tear open his shirt, invention of wierd dance steps, one punch dialogue for which you create situations so that it recurrs, signature ringtone which gets to your nerves after sometime, one 'trying to create comedy' man for which he tries hard and goes to extent of ripping his shirt but you should be a die hard Salman fan to succumb to such mediocre jokes and finally a bone head who falls for such idiocy..You have no reason to fall in love with his character Kareena. He is only doing his duty of guarding..Unless you are paid a bomb to act so brainless..Mix these ingrediants in a cocktail and you have an assured box office blockbuster or so thinks the director.

From the beginnning of the movie, you wonder why there is a pretty girl next to Kareena who sits/eats/sleeps/walks with her. Only at the end you know the reason why she agreed to play such a sly role. To have a "different" climax, the director did not think twice while aping the famous Kuch Kuch Hota Hai. On one side the romantic track surprises you, the comedy track kills you and the action track frustrates you. You wait for Intermission in the first half and wait to get out in the second half.

PS: Its not even a mindless entertainer. Its pure mindless

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Exploring Europe: Part 1: Roma

Europe is for a reason a travellers paradise..A little bit of history on why we chose this continent and a small preface to Exploring Europe series..

When I was 8, I saw a movie where the heroine begs her father to allow her to see Europe before her marriage..that scene somehow dint get erased from my cerebrum even when I turned 24..Next reason being, Europe is full of history..something we studied from Class 1 to 10..Renaissance, French revolution, World war, paintings, sculptures, great structures etcetra etcetra..Next reason, we are single and earning and we will never ever have a chance like this to roam the world on our own again and we had to do it..A childhood dream successfully fulfilled..

My co-traveller: My friend from past 15 years..yet another techie in town..the same friend with whom I went to Big bazar, TV9 and Kannada movie director asking for job..those were our 3 most embarassing days i guess..The two of us have been planning this trip for more than 6 months..This trip was all we had in our life since then..

Destination 1: Roma

Sadly both of us are vegetarians..Pizza, Pasta, Salad, Gelato, Pastry was all we could find..Trust me Pizza here tastes way better than its land of origin..Enter into any Departmental store and buy food to suffice your breakfast and snacks can catch up on local speciality for lunch/dinner..A few packs of MTR bisibelebath, kharabath, pongal will come handy when you miss Indian food..

Book hostels online through Go through the reviews and trust those reviews..Hostels usually provide you with free wifi, common computer, microwave, refridgerator..Trust me they are way better than any hotels which can only rip you off and charge extra for every little facility they provide..Another advantage of hostel is that you can meet people from different countries and share travelling stories as most of them will be holiday to explore..

Rome was not built in a day and hence it can definitely not be seen in a day..Keep atleast 2 days to see Rome alone..Almost all tourist places charge entry fee..Colloseum, Palentine hill, Roman forum are all some tourist places which you have to visit for unknown reasons.., you must walk the city center from Fountain de Trevi to Piazza Italian..Remember the true beauty of any place lies with..Markets in every city is not to be missed at all..Vatican should be another attraction in your list..

Travelling Around:
Most of them know English well and are helpful to guide tourist..Metro charges 1E for 1 way travel or you can take a day pass..Volvo buses/trams are better off it goes inside the city giving you a good view..

Remember we are budget traveller and cannot afford any labels..Things that we could buy were soveniers, roadside dress, some woodden artifacts, chappals...There are some Italian artists sitting roadside who can make excellent paintings for 10E...If you are getting any portrait done, be sure about your artist..I got one of mine done and the portrait dint look anything like me..There are fake LV, Prada on roads..They are all made up of only 1 type of cloth and easily identifiable as fake..There is nothing expensive and worthy to buy especially if you convert..You can find the same here for much lesser price..

Pickpocket capital of the world is an overrated title to this plain city..Its very much like just have to be careful with your belongings..The two of us were so scared that we had stiched velcro pockets inside our pants which could hold passport and cash..It was useful but you need not take such extreme steps to stay safe..Lot of Bangladeshis with whom you can converse in Hindi..they are usually small store keepers..Dont give a damn to any teasers..

Some pictures from my travel..

Fountain de Trevi



PS: Travelling on your own gives you an amazing feeling of independence, confidence and pride..I strongly recomment it for anybody who can afford..For any queries regarding Roma travel, drop me a mail @ I wish I had someone to tell me before we embarked..

Watch out for our next destination Amsterdam,Germany,Paris,Brussels